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Mis à jour : 17 nov. 2020

Hollywood Racers is the new big project from Cosmo Duck, for which we have chosen to co-publish with Daedalus. If you follow the news about this game, you have certainly read comments about the first campaign, and a whole lot of things that are not necessarily very clear. We have therefore decided to create this FAQ to answer all the questions you might ask yourself, in order to be completely transparent with you.

1. I hear a lot about the “first campaign”. Is the game out already?

Two years ago, Phil Vizcarro, signed Hollywood Death Race with Mangrove, a small publisher from Lille. It was Phil's first game that was signed, as he was just arriving in the board game industry. Mangrove's boss, offered to do a crowdfunding to raise funds to be able to bring this game to life.

Phil was only the game designer, and had no shares in Mangrove, nor decision-making power. He signed a classic publishing contract and was going to be paid as authors gat paid. Nothing suspicious, nothing abnormal, just the joy to see his game on its way to be produced and played.

The campaign was a success and raised € 80,000. Plenty enough to honor the 2500 and some backers, impatiently waiting for the game. Alas, two years later, Hollywood Death Race never came out. The reason? Mangrove closed and disappeared with the money.

In the end, the author's contract was not honored, nor that of the illustrators, and all the people who supported Mangrove's project did not get any refund. A big blow for Phil, Antonio and Franck, the creators of the game, and of course for all the people who backed the project.

It took Phil a year to regain his rights to the game. After much thought, he decided to rework it a bit and release it. But first, he had to be legitimate in the community. Two successive crowdfunding campaigns with Cosmo Duck and many projects with other publishers later, Hollywood Racers can finally see the light of day.

2. Is this new campaign linked to Mangrove?

Absolutely not. HDR's publishing rights are back in the hands of Phil, the game's creator and founder of Cosmo Duck. Mangrove has nothing to do with this new version.

3. I have pledged the Mangrove campaign and have not gotten any refund. Why is it?

Unfortunately, we have no information about Mangrove's refunds and it appears the company has closed down without giving any refunds.

4. Do you have an agreement with Mangrove regarding refunds?

Not at all. There is no deal going on, either on refunds level or on any other matter. The release of Hollywood Racers is completely independent of its previous version and its previous publisher and unfortunately, the previous funds raised cannot be reinjected into this new campaign, since we do not know where they are.

5. Is compensation planned for the backers of the first campaign?

Yes. As announced in this post, we are going to allow the backers of the first campaign to get a copy of Hollywood Racers by paying only the shipping costs.

This is a joint effort, carried out by Cosmo Duck and Daedalus.

We find the situation impacting the backers of the first campaign very unfair and have therefore implemented this solution for those who will not have been issued a refund by Mangrove.

6. Who will publish the new version?

Cosmo Duck, the Phil Vizcarro's game studio (the game's author), co-published with Daedalus.

7. In what way?

We are planning a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter. The game will remain in English / French and will be available to the international audience.

8. What is the expected date of the Kickstarter?

March 2021.

The campaign will begin once delivery of Undercover Turbo Duckies starts. We want to do things cleanly, professionally and transparently.

This list of questions will be completed as needed.

Thank you all for your support!

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